What is the best real estate investment for a young couple?

Have you found your soul mate?  All that remains is to find your love dream house, it’s easy: mayaluxuryrealestate.com Investing in real estate is a safe bet, especially for a new young couple. This real estate investment provides a sense of security. Buying your apartment today constitutes a heritage for the future generation. But before taking the plunge into buying a principal residence, a few questions arise before us.

  • Can we afford to embark on such a project?
  • Do we have the necessary budget for this investment?
  • Should you buy or rent for a first real estate investment?

The first purchase requires special thoughts, especially for the young couple

  • The location of the residence
  • The area of ​​the property
  • The value of the property

Be aware that real estate investment has both disadvantages and advantages, especially for a first-time buyer. The latter designates a person, or a couple, who has not yet owned a principal residence during the last two years. With this status he can claim advantageous conditions for his mortgage. The first-time buyer is a notion that therefore refers to the first accession to property. Among these drawbacks are:

  • The difficulty of having a mortgage for a young couple
  • The prices of new real estate which are exorbitant in certain districts of the big cities.
  • The diversity of the new real estate offer

As conclusion, buying or renting real estate is a very important choice in a person’s life, whatever your decision, make sure you make the right financial calculation and the right choice.

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